Additional Staff

Sometimes we draw in additional expertise to deliver our courses, calling from a number of trusted Mountaineering Instructors and Guides with whom we have worked with in the past.  We will have chosen these individuals carefully, confident in the knowledge that their particular area of expertise will be adding to the quality of your training or assessment experience.  You will benefit from the opportunity to compare views and opinions, knowing that all our staff will have the experience and confidence to explain what they are teaching, and why.


All our staff will, first and foremost, be highly skilled and experienced in the areas they are working but you will also find they will themselves have already (successfully!) undergone several (if not all) of the training and assessment processes that you will be going through on our courses.    


Phil Dowthwaite IFMGA, MIC

Phil Dowthwaite WMCI and IFMGA Mountain Guide

Phil is an experienced Mountain Guide and WMCI. Previously working at Plas Y Brenin Phil has delivered training at all levels of the UK qualifications...

Tim Neill IFMGA, MIC

Tim Neill WMCI and IFMGA Mountain Guide

Tim is another experienced Mountain Guide who is totally passionate about climbing, hill walking and mountaineering in all its forms. You will find him on the 'What's an IFMGA Guide?' page quietly explaining our profession...

Andy Turner MIC

Andy Turner WMCI

Semi professional competative road biker, climber and now competition ice climber - there are few things that Andy can't turn his hand to! Despite the size of his arms Andy still enjoys passing on his knowledge of flora and fauna and is a dab hand at lichen identification... 

John Orr

John Orr WMCI & IFMGA Mountain Guide

John is based in North Wales but is originally from Northern Ireland. It's fair to say that he is addicted to the quality steep climbing on Fairhead but is equally passionate about climbing in Scotland in winter.

Ruth Taylor MCI, WML & IML

Ruth has been based in the Peak District for a long time and is a regular when it comes to hill walking in moorland terrain or climbing on the gritstone edges. With varied experience working for a variety of providers Ruth's courses are always well received...