Walking Group Leader


Note:     From 1st April 2014 the 'Walking Group Leader Award' will be rebranded as 'Hill and Moorland Leader Award'.  Any changes will have only a minor effect on our course content however some helpful initial points for candidates are as follows:


  • Focus of award shifts to day walk leadership in hill/moorland terrain.


  • Overnight experience and remote supervision will be covered in seperate 'Expedition    Module' (available after successfull completion of HML award assessment).


  • Existing WGL candidates will have their training and/or assessment automatically merged with HML plus Exped Module as appropriate.


  • Better integration with the new Lowland Leader Award.



We will endeavour to continue updates and provide full details along with new course programmes on the site as soon as these changes roll out.


Training Course

Our 3-day course focuses on the practical elements of leadership through hill and moorland terrain. Your course will have a strong emphasis on navigation through both lowland and moorland terrain with a practical session looking at the skills required for basic emergency night navigation. The course will also look at:


  • Remit of the Award
  • Personal leadership skills and styles
  • Route planning
  • Legal and moral issues of leadership
  • Environmental awareness
  • Emergency procedures
  • Common hill incidents


Assessment Course

Assessment takes place over three days and focuses on the practical skills required for the award. The assessment process is designed by Peak Mountain Training and is one that we feel gives potential leaders the best possible environment to demonstrate their skills. It's important that all those involved feel they have been given a fair opportunity to show what they can do and the assessment should reflect this. It is also equally important that people leave their assessment feeling they have gained knowledge.

The areas assessed are the same as those covered on our training courses and laid out in the syllabus. Candidates should be familiar with all aspect of the syllabus and be expecting to be assessed accordingly.


Further Information

Our Walking Group Leader course information is available to download.  If you are a group of 4 or more, we can also offer alternative course dates -please contact us for more details. 


See the WGL movie


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