Coaching Navigation

'Lumps, bumps and overused needles'


A large proportion of HML and ML award holders incorporate elements of introducing, teaching and developing navigation skills in the people they are out on the hill with.


Our coaching navigation course has been designed to give candidates the skills and understanding of navigation and navigation skills so that they are able to present well pitched, structured and progressive teaching opportunities that are effective in improving other peoples’ navigation.


During the workshop we will look at all aspects of navigation – from specific techniques to formulating efficient and effective strategies – and the ways in which these skills can be taught and coached at both basic through to advanced levels.


The course will look at common teaching models and give candidates a good foundation in basic teaching/coaching principles as well as how to apply these to navigation training.


The day will include some or all of the following components:


·      Introduction to teaching concepts

·      Teaching the components of navigation

·      Building and assessing navigation strategies

·      Getting the pitch right

·      Working with mixed abilities at the same time

·      Effective choice and use of terrain

·      Understanding performance and giving feedback