Personal Mentoring

Specific or longer term development programmes


If  you are interested in personal development longer term or are perhaps working towards a particular award, we are happy to discuss a variety of options and put together a personalised programme.  This could be as short as one or two days, or a number of days spread out over a year, or longer.  This is a highly individualised product but one where you potentially access the most direct and most hands-on experience alongside ourselves.  In many cases we are able to introduce you to real instructional/guiding opportunities or perhaps accompany you along with your own clients.   With direct supervision you get a chance for some real practice in real situations or an opportunity to discuss/review your existing methods and techniques. Because we have direct experience of both training and assessing candidates at all award levels, our constructive feedback and valuable coaching will help steer you in right direction - not just towards an assessment "pass" but towards realising your full potential as an accomplished leader, instructor or guide.