Turbo RCI

Thinking inside the remit but outside the box...


Many RCI holders work with groups whom they inevitably teach, or want to teach climbing to - certainly beyond the basic supervisory platform that the award is based on. Due to the intense time pressure of fulfilling the RCI syllabus  in just two days, as most providers do, there are many ‘value added’ concepts that don’t, or rarely, get covered in enough meaningful detail to give candidates a good foundation to work from. Coaching climbing movement is one good example with valuable input now available through the BMC’s FUNdamentals programme –itself a full one day workshop.    


We designed Turbo RCI to give existing RCI holders the skills and confidence to broaden their coaching options within their climbing sessions.  We have done this by drawing from best practice concepts and models used in other awards such as MIA and MIC and most importantly from our own personal experience, judgement and reflection on teaching, guiding, training and assessing over the last 20 years. 


The course is not an official MT course but is endorsed by the MTA and is one of the most popular CPD courses on offer. It has also received 100% positive feedback from those who have attended. Courses have been delivered in N Wales, Wye Valley, Peak District and the Lake District. 


The day is practically based at a crag with attendees getting ‘hands on’ experience with all the aspects covered. All courses are delivered by one of the three Peak Mountain Training directors. You are guaranteed to be taught ‘Turbo’ by the people who designed it.  Aspects covered include:

  • General coaching theory 

  • Progressions from beginner to independent climber

  • Belaying progressions

  • The lead climbing game

  • Basic movement analysis

  • Abseiling progressions

  • Route reading

  • The instructor as a leader


It is useful for attendees to think in terms of a single pitch crag as a tool for teaching all aspects of climbing and incorporating the techniques learnt at RCI to provide a clear framework for their students to learn from. At the end of the day attendees should feel better prepared to get the most from their climbing session whatever the end goal.